The Information You Need

Dear Parent/Guardian/Student, Please read the instructions below to check and print your results online:

STEP 1: Using a computer with internet connection, visit the school website at

STEP 2: At the Top Menu of the home page, go to the “Academics” tab and click "check result” submenu. Click on the "Check Bill/Result" button below. This will take you to the PARENTS LOG IN page.

STEP 3: On the PARENT’S LOGIN page, a Passphrase is requested which is UNIQUE 12 digit number for each Topflight College Parent/Student.

This passphrase is given to you already or you can call 0810-266-1264 to request for your passphrase. Kindly enter the 12 digit number and CLICK "LOG IN".

STEP 4: Once you have logged in, you will view the Student’s picture and a short profile about him/her.

Click on the picture to see Examination results, Student Bill and account statement page.

NOTE: Select the correct record you wish to view from the different options given:



 (choose either First, Second, or Third Term)

Then click on VIEW RESULT. This will generate and download a PDF copy of the Examination Result. Open the downloaded file to see your child's results.

You can also view the bill and account statement of your child.

CHANGE PASSWORD: You can also Change the 12 digit number to any password of your choice at the top of their profile page. However, choose a new passphrase that is easy to remember e.g. your phone number.

STEP 7: Don’t forget to LOG OUT after each session and feel free to explore the newly reconstructed Topflight College Website for more helpful information.